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Mr. Gordon, an invalid with dementia, struggles to make sense of the woman who routinely intrudes in on his daily life, a live-in caregiver named Jane.

Axmo Deus

You have officially been marked. Axmo Deus is an anthology series composed of 1-Minute films that run the spectrum from paranormal horror, gore and every bloodcurdling thing in between. There is safety in fear.

Summon Promise Mother Climaxxx Roadkill Allergy

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A woman suffering from insomnia finds that evil is waiting for her just beyond her bedroom door.


A man with a bounty on his head joins a game of high stakes poker against three strangers who bet with more than just money and have plenty of time to kill. 


A paranoid schizophrenic, used to having violent delusions, is stalked by a dangerous cult, but believes it to be all in his head.